Log in

To get started you need an account first. We have implemented the log in service from ORCID. The log in button can be found in the upper right corner of the application.

If you do not have an ORCID yet, you can still click the log in button and create an account. Refer to ORCID for other questions around your account.

Create a new analysis

Go to the analysis page, click the “+” button. Choose a group (analysis can be created only from a group, see “create a new group”). Then choose the screening mode () and extraction mode (). Click create. To add users to this analysis see “add users to group”.

Create a new group

Groups consist of at least one person. To create a group go to the group page. Click the “+” button. The group is created. The group name can be edited from this screen. To add users to the group, see “add users to group”.

Add users to group/analysis

Users can be added to groups, groups can have multiple analysis. To add a user, go to the groups page. Click on the tab “members” and click “+”. Find the user you want to add. Click save. The user is now part of the group and has access to the analyses from this group.

If the user is not available, ask the person in question to first log in to our tool. Now you should be able to see the name in the list.