Pitts is a tool for conducting living systematic review and network meta-analysis. We provide a web application for screening and data extraction. We fund further development by licensing our software to users.

Data We Collect

Pitts is designed as a web application. However, some of Pitts’ advanced features require you to supply us with information.

  • We collect the information you voluntarily provide (e.g., your name and email address) if you create a Pitts account and use optional Pitts services.
  • We collect the library records attachment files you upload to the Pitts web application.

Pitts chrome extension

When installing the Pitts chrome extension, your browser will warn you that the extension can “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit” (or similar). This is the standard permission that browser extensions that run on all pages require. Pitts uses it to determine what content it can save on a given page and update the save button accordingly. It also provides advanced features such as automatic proxy redirection and automatic PDF and record information import. No data is stored except when you choose to save a page to your online Pitts library.

Support Interactions

If you email us, we collect your email address and any other information you provide, and we may store your messages indefinitely to provide context for any future support requests you make. You may be asked to submit an error report or debug output to help us troubleshoot problems. These reports contain technical information about your computer, such as your operating system and installed browser extensions, and may include incidental personal information such as URLs of sites you visited before or while generating the report. You can review the output of these reports before submitting them. 

Deleting Your Data

You may delete your Pitts account to remove information you voluntarily provided when you registered to use Pitts services and remove the data you provided by uploading records. To delete your account, send an email to info@pitts.ai.

Backed-up Data

We make regular automated backups to protect against accidental loss of user data. These backups are intended for disaster recovery and would be accessed only in the event of significant data loss. 
Legally Compelled Disclosure
We may be legally required to comply with requests for data from law enforcement or government agencies.


We may update our privacy policies over time. Up-to-date information, including details of new features, will always be available on this page.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Pitts’ privacy policies, please email info@pitts.ai.